Out East Oysters is an oyster farm located in the Napeague Bay in East Hampton, Long Island. Our goal is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly marine culture that will renew and repair the damaged ecosystem. Napeague Bay was once a self-sustaining environment. Pollution, such as the algal blooms has suffocated growth and extinguished most of life not only in the bay, but throughout the east coast. Additionally, overfishing has decimated once flourishing marine populations. Out East Oysters seeks to address these problems by supporting the growth of a new ecosystem. We hope to work with Cornell University to plant Eelgrass throughout the bay, which provides a reprieve for marine life, and acts as a protective nursery for young marine animals. Renewing eelgrass will encourage the growth of not only oyster populations, but also a variety of other shellfish and fish species. Oysters are filter feeders, meaning they consume algae and remove particles and excess nutrients from the water. A single oyster can filter over 40 gallons of water alone each day! Raising oysters will improve water quality, making harmful algal blooms less likely to occur, and will also create healthier, more sustainable environments for other species.

As a new company we hope to raise 320,000 oysters in our first year. Your contributions will help us buy the materials important for raising oysters. Oyster populations are stretched to sustain the current demand for oysters, through our approach we hope to address that demand in a more eco-friendly approach. Each additional contribution will enable us to seed more oysters throughout the bay. As our oyster farm grows, as to will the wild population.

We have 10 acres of water.

 Marine Biologist & CEO

Dean Tarulli